R. A. Miller

Materials Engineering

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What Bob Miller can do for you as your thermal spray materials engineering "outsource resource"

You and your staff are stretched to the max.

You have critically important thermal spray materials-related projects sitting undone.

You’re not ready yet to hire a full-time engineer.


Now you can outsource these projects to a professional able to jump in with minimum fuss and give you what you need.


Project examples include:


Materials engineering (powders, wires, coatings) for specific applications, new or old


Updating QA-related documentation (specs, procedures...)


Evaluating new sources of lower cost, high quality spray materials, and solving problems with existing sources


Troubleshooting processes for manufacturing thermal spray feedstocks


Searching and evaluating the technical literature on topics of urgent interest


Investigating technical markets beyond the customary


Contributing research and content to technical proposals


Hand off tasks like these to an accomplished materials professional to get cost-effective, timely results.


I welcome all inquiries.


Contact me to get those needed-but-delayed projects moving now!